Our President Nominee, Tami Woods will service as the overall program chair for the 2017-18 Rotary year. Tami is responsible for finding monthly program chairs.
We have created a Program Committee that will support the program chair by identifying relevant topics and recruiting high quality speakers for weekly meetings.
We have put together a Monthly Program Chair Informational Packet to help you in your role as Monthly Program Chair.
We also have a Weekly Program Form & a Monthly Program Form that you can use to send the information to the administrator so that the information gets included in the newsletter.
If you have any questions you can contact Tami Woods or the Administrator Lyn Sheffer.
If you would like to volunteer to do Rotarians in the News, be a greeter or raffle ticket seller, or announce guests, you can email the Monthly Program Chair by clicking on their name.
Program Chair for July 2017 - June 2018
We are recruiting Monthly Program Chairs
If you would like to volunteer, please
contact Tami Woods.
OPEN months listed below.
Monthly Program Chairs
Monthly Program Chairs
November - Earlamae Dahlby
December - Dean Dickinson
January - Jamie Capuzzi
February - Jeff Odom
March - Wendy Franke
April - Mark Solyst
If you would like to volunteer for Rotarians in the News,  be a greeter,  a hospitality greeter, raffle ticket seller,  scrip seller or announce guests, you can email the Monthly Program Chairs that are listed above....just click on their name.  If you would like to give your classification talk please contact Program Committee Chair Tami Woods.