If you weren’t at the meeting last week, I have two items to pass along that are important initiatives. 
One, in an effort to gain some new members, the cost of 100 meals has been prepaid.  These meals are to be used to bring a guest with you.  While there will be no policing set up for this program, I do have a few asks.  If you use this money, please be sure that the guest is a true potential member that might join our club.  Also, if you have a company that reimburses your meals, please let this benefit be used by those who pay out of pocket to bring guests.  With this being our 100th anniversary, we should have plenty of exciting reasons for a guest to want to join our club.  We just need to invite them.
Two, Eva Marie and I want to treat each member of our club to either a lunch or dinner during the 2018-19 Rotary year.  You are welcome to bring your spouse or significant other.  If you have a family with kids and want to bring them, then we will set something up at our home that will be child friendly.
As a follow up to my earlier messages to the Club, for my year as President, I plan to include two video links in each week’s Club Runner newsletter.  The first link will be a video on Rotary International (“RI”).  Likely topics will be videos of the RI president, members of the RI Board of Directors and other relevant Rotary related people and events.  My goal in having this link is for our club to develop a more broad understanding of RI beyond our local club’s boundaries.
The first RI video that I have selected is a speech given by John Hewko, RI’s General Secretary.  If you don’t know who this is, his role is essentially the CEO of RI.  Here is the link:
The second link will be a video of something interesting that can be watched within a short period of time. 
The other video that I have selected is a TED talk.  If you haven’t heard of TED talks before, their motto is “Ideas worth spreading”.  They have put together over 2,800 talks designed “to stir your curiosity”.  Beyond hoping to peak your curiosity, I have a few reasons for selecting a video for you to watch each week.
One of the reasons is that if you happen to be sitting with a table of Rotarians that you don’t know, but you have all watched the video, then the table will have a common experience with which someone can utilize to start a conversation.  Second, these videos can be interesting, educational, funny, and/or address many topics and issues that are relevant to our lives.
So why did I pick this particular TED talk?  This is a great talk on leadership.
As a final note, if you have recommendations for future links in our newsletter, please email those to me.  I love discovering new areas of interest from other people that I respect.