We welcomed Elizabeth Hazlett from the USO.  Her program was on the USO and how we can as a group or individual volunteer our time.   View her PowerPoint Presentation.
Our club is collaborating with the USO to purchase items for the Veteran's Lounge at the La Crosse Regional Airport and volunteering our time at the lounge. (You will be hearing more about this volunteering opportunity in the coming weeks.)
Steve Lindeman who brought this project to our board last year,  presented Elizabeth on behalf of our club a check for $13,200.  Thanks to all that supported our Spring Social, Rotary Works Foundation and Rotary International Foundation. Our Spring Social brought in $2,500 for the project, Rotary Works matched our $2,500 and our District 6250 also matched $3,200.  We then received $5,000 from the Brown Stuff Foundation.  We exceeded our goal of $8,200 and will be able to purchase more needed items for the lounge.  Your donations to the Foundations do make a difference in our community.
The USO Military Lounge at the La Crosse Regional Airport is a partnership between Rotary and the USO working together to provide items for the comfort of our military service members. There are about 50,000 troops annually who travel through and holdover at the La Crosse Airport.  The La Crosse Rotary Club, Rotary Works Foundation, Brown Stuff Foundation and Rotary District 6250 funded $13,200 to purchase items for the lounge.  The items include laptop computers, lockable storage, display cases, chest freezer, industrial coffee dispenser, heavy duty tents, charging stations, tablet computers, Xbox games, chairs and a sign.  The sign will be posted inside the lounge:
A Veteran is someone who,
at one point in life,
wrote a blank check payable to
The United States of America
for an unknown amount, but up to
and including his/her life.
The La Crosse Rotary Club will provide ongoing “volunteer” opportunities and military camaraderie at the lounge.  Our volunteers will greet the troops in the lounge and provide La Crosse area information. This project will expand and improve the “layover” experience for our Military service men and women who need to relax and recharge between points of destination.