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Next Meeting

January 10, 2019

Radisson Center

Buffet at 11:30
Program at Noon

Cheesy Potatoes



PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE:  10 January 2019
Having crossed the halfway mark of my year as club president, I want to remind everyone why I am including two external links in my weekly president’s messages.  One of the links has a specific focus on Rotary International (“RI”).  My goal in having this link is for our club to develop a more broad understanding of RI beyond our local club’s boundaries.
The other link is normally a video of something fun that can be watched within a short period of time.  When Bill Pritchard was our club president a few years ago, he spoke to us every month about a book.  My observation was that most people were not taking the time to read those books.  My idea is identical to Bill’s, but I am replacing his concept of reading a book with one of watching a video that will take 15 minutes or less to view. 
Most of these “other links” have been TED talks.  The TED talks motto is “Ideas worth spreading”.  They have put together over 2,800 talks designed “to stir your curiosity”.
Beyond hoping to peak your curiosity, I have a few reasons for selecting a video for you to watch each week.  First, if you don’t know the people that you are sitting with, but you have all watched the video, then the table will have a common experience with which someone can utilize to start a conversation.  Second, these videos can be interesting, educational, funny, and/or address many topics and issues that are relevant to our lives.
This week’s program will be from APTIV.  With that background knowledge, I selected a TED talk given by Heather Lanier whose talk focuses on her child that has a disability.  The talk is approximately 13.5 minutes in length.  I would expect that this talk will nicely complement Thursday’s program. TED LINK.
For this week’s RI topic, I am once again including the link to RI’s 2018 annual report just in case you missed it.  Normally, I have been providing video links, but this report is available in a read only format. Annual Report Link. 
Additionally, I do have one goal that I want to bring back to the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Eva Marie and I are attempting to share a meal with every Rotarian in our club and their spouse/significant other/partner, etc.  While we are admittedly behind, we haven’t given up.  If you know you have time over the next couple of weeks, please reach out to either Eva Marie or myself so that we can get this on the calendar in January.
As a final word, our club does a lot to make this community a better place to live.  With so many great things to share about our club and Rotary International, consider inviting a guest to one of our meetings this month.  Remember, we have money set aside to cover the cost of your guests’ meals.
Aptiv - Services for people with disabilitiesThis week at Rotary our program will be Aptiv - services for people with disabilities.  Mary Kessens, President and CEO of Aptiv, Inc and Andy Parrish, Development Director of Aptiv will be our speakers.  Mary is a member of Valley View Rotary Club and Andy is a member of our club.  Aptiv Link.

Aptiv, established in 1977 as Riverfront Inc., is a non-profit with over 40 years of experience working alongside children and adults with disabilities to provide a spectrum of innovative support through programs and service so they may live more independent lives.

Their services help more than 1,700 individuals and their families in each community we serve. They provide support when and where you need it, whether it’s in your home, at school, in the community or at one of their 8 service locations.


THIS WEEK WE WILL HOST THE STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Congratulations to the following students.

Central High School
  • October - Madison Squires (Maddie) and  Mathew Feyen
  • November -  Jordan Davis and Julia Gasper
  • December - Ava Shively and Vibsake Thao
Logan High School
  • October  - Abie Sprain
  • November - Ella Ledocq
  • December - Boy Yang 
Aquinas High School
  • October  - Tessa Gundersen
  • November - Stephen Pedretti
  • December - Lexi Donarski
Lisa Duncanson
Aptiv - Regional Services Director
Proposed by Andy Parrish

Help Build Rotary's Future
Share Rotary with a Friend
Every Rotarian is Responsible for Membership Growth
If no written objection to the proposal stating reasons is received by the Board of Directors from any member of the club within seven days following publication of the name of the prospective member, the prospective member shall be considered to be elected to membership.




Last week at Rotary the program was "..."La Crosse Public Education Foundation - 30 Years of Innovation in La Crosse Classrooms" presented by Executive Director of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, David Stoeffler.  David has been a member of Rotary for 22+ years and he is the chair of our Youth Committee.
Many Rotarians have been involved with the La Crosse Public Education Foundation from the beginning to present by serving as board of to board members.
The mission of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation is to enhance learning opportunities for students in the School District of La Crosse and to promote community understanding and support for public education.   Web Site Link.


Our next STAR Meeting will be Thursday,  January 10th  We will meet at the Radisson Hotel in the Wisconsin Room 3 at 7:00 a.m.  Please RSVP if you will be attending to Lyn at

ALL NEW members become a member of this committee for one year.  This breakfast is hosted (no cost to the new members).  The breakfast and presentation will last no longer than one hour and the meeting will count as a make-up.  The STAR Committee, in addition to meeting other new members and some of the present membership will learn more about various aspects of the Club.  



Rotary Lights 2018
Our 24th year of Rotary Lights is history. Thank you to all who volunteered to make this community gift a success.  An estimated 160-thousand people visited the holiday display, with food donations expected to be just short of last year's record-breaking 320,000 food items. Crews plan to keep the Riverside Park skating rink open through mid-March if the weather cooperates.
On January 1st, hundreds of volunteers showed up to start taking down over 3 million lights and decorations.  Dedicated volunteers have been working all week and will be working through 2019 to fix, store and create displays for Rotary Lights 2019!
A committee has already been planning Rotary Lights 2019 - our 25th Anniversary. You will be hearing more about our 25th Rotary Lights Celebration in the coming months.
Photo below is one of our dedicated Rotary Lights volunteers, Tom Svec with Rotarians Tim and Sue Durtsche and grandkids (Rotarian Matt Durtsche's children) ....looks like they are training some future Rotary Lights volunteers!! 

COME FOR SUPPER....The Humanitarian Committee will be helping again with the "Come for Supper Meal Program" at Our Savior's Lutheran Church - 612 Division Street on Tuesday, January 22nd  from 4:30-6:00 p.m.     Click here to volunteer.



The Nomination Committee presented to membership on Thursday, December 13th the 2019-20 Club Board and Rotary Works Foundation Board representatives.  The nominations will be presented and voted on at our annual meeting on January 24th.  Link to Nominations.
Rotarians are invited to come for a special tour of the Marie Angelorum Chapel in St. Rose Convent on Tuesday, January 15 at 5:15 pm.  We’ll gather for refreshments in the convent’s gathering space and then have a personalized tour by our very own Sr. Mary Ann Gshwind.  Sign up is required and is limited to 25 people. Deadline is Tuesday, January 8. There is no charge for this Fellowship event. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to view one of La Crosse’s famous landmarks.   Link to flyer.  
RSVP by Tuesday, January 8th
Ethics Fellowship Meeting: Thursday, January 10th at 1:00 pm following our regular meeting at the Radisson Center.



 Happy Birthday​
Sue Durtsche- January 3
Brian Mlsna - January 9
Miranda TerBeest - January 12

Happy Wedding  Anniversary
Sandy (Richard) McCormick - January 12

Happy Rotary Anniversary
Kenna Christians - January 6 - 19 years
Rob Palmberg - January 10 - 6 years
John Temple - January 10 - 17 years
Earlamae Dahlby - January 11 - 23 years
Dan Howes - January 11 - 18 years
Dave Clements - January 12 - 13 years
Steve Doll - January 12 - 13 years




Kenna Christians is now at home: 4905 Silver Morning Lane, La Crosse, WI  54601

Elmer and Lil Grassman are residents of Bethany St. Joseph, 2501 Shelby Road, La Crosse, WI 54601.




Thank you to all who contributed to our India Project
We received the following email and thank you video.
We have completed and handed over the facility to the beneficiary families in a simple function attended by local officials. We have also provided training for the people on how to maintain hygiene and toilet maintenance.   Satheeshkumar.P
Dear Sondra,
We are happy to inform you and members of your club and district the formal opening of our project GG1759519 at Pattamadai village on 17/06/18. 
The district governor of our rotary district 3212 will be the chief guest. As informed to you we have started construction early in order to complete the project before this term ends. We have completed construction of 10 toilets and for the balance 26, construction is progressing. We plan to complete the whole project by end of July 18.  We would love to have you amidst us when we open the facility in part to the beneficiaries. I’ll update you when the project complete in full shape.
A formal invitation is attached. Please inform all concerned in your club and district.   Our special thanks to all Rotarians of lacrosse Valley view and downtown clubs and district officials of 6250.
Best regards 
P. Satheesh kumar
District 6250 Friendship Exchange Opportunities......Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs.  Participants may travel as individuals, couples, families, or groups, and may be Rotary members or not.    More general information on Friendship Exchanges.
Here is the latest news.  We are now announcing two new exchanges.  One to the Netherlands, the other to New Mexico.  Please spread the word.  Being one of the first to commit to going helps your chances of being a participant.  We will not take more than 12 on any trip.  The maps will be on the next district dispatch and our district web site.  If you want details, contact Edwin Bos for the Holland trip and Dave Clemens for the New Mexico trip.  Details are below.
Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 7680 in Holland 
Our District Governor Elect, Edwin Bos, has arranged an exchange with Holland in 2019. Our group will travel to Hoogeland, Warfflum, Holland, as seen on the map midway between Amsterdam and Hamburg, Germany.  This exchange will take place just before the annual Rotary International Conference. Our group will travel to Holland from May 24 to June 1, then go to the International Conference from June 1-5.  We expect a group from Holland to visit our district in the fall, with dates to be determined later.  More details can be found on our District web site. If interested in this trip, contact We expect to determine who will go by the end of January. We expect to get more interested persons than number that will travel together. Only firm commitments to travel will be accepted.
Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 5520 in New Mexico
Our District has arranged an exchange with New Mexico. This will be the first Friendship Exchange within the United States, so language will not be a barrier. We expect a group from New Mexico to visit us for two weeks from October 3-11, 2019.  Host clubs and families will be needed.  A group from our district will travel to New Mexico from October 28 – November 5.  Please send a request to if you are interested in taking this trip. There will be more interested applicants than we can send, so only serious applicants should apply.​
2013-14  Youth Exchange Student Proud Returning to La Crosse:  Proud who was our youth exchange student from Thailand will be returning for a visit on December 30th through January 12th.  She will be staying with the Jeff Odom family.  Jeff will be needing some help hosting her, so if you would like to help out, please contact Jeff for details.
Centennial Dinner Celebration:  La Crosse Center - June 20, 2019
Make an additional donation of $100 or greater to the Rotary International Annual or Polio Plus
through February 2019 and we will match your donation with foundation points.
Interested in participating in Rotary's Got Talent
at this year's Club Assembly (January 24th)?
Put a team together with a few of your Rotary friends (minimum of three participants per team) and email Talent entries can include singing, lip syncing, dancing, or other talents (please, nothing involving fire)!
We're also soliciting sponsors to donate prizes for the event. 

Dec 13th - 64%
Dec 20th - 66%
Jan 3rd - 63%

Rotary Attendance policy is to attend or makeup at least 50% of the club meetings during the first six months and the second six months.  They can be done by: • Attending regular club meetings • Making up meetings at other Rotary Clubs ( which includes E-Clubs) • Engaging in club projects/events/fellowship/board meetings.

100% Attendance Winners
July  - Sheila Wieser
August - Bob Riutzel
September - Peter Grabow
October - Chuck Hanson
November - Grant Withrow



Active Membershi

Honorary Members


Associate Membership is a program to recruit younger members, millennials, to membership.  Associate Membership is available to anyone who is proposed for membership who is 35 years of age or less.  Associate membership will end when that member reaches the age of 38. They would pay for dues and $100 for meals per quarter no matter how many meetings they attend that quarter.

Corporate Membership is a program to allow multiple employees of a business Rotary participation under one primary membership. Each corporate membership is limited to a three-year term. After the three-year corporate membership term, the individuals are required to become individual members. View Corporate Membership Policy.

Family Membership is a program to allow a second individual Rotary participation under one primary membership.  View Family Membership Policy.

Honorary Membership  is offered to members who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals.Unlike other membership categories that can be requested by the member, Honorary Membership is bestowed upon a member by election from the Board of Directors.   View Honorary Membership Policy.

Excused Membership is offered to members if the aggregate of the member’s years of age and years of membership in one or more clubs is 85 years or more, the member has been a member of one or more clubs for at least 20 years, and the member has notified the club's secretary in writing of the member’s desire to be excused from attendance  and the board has approved.  Excused Members will pay the quarterly dues and only for meals when they attend a meeting.

Membership Proposals....we will no longer ask for three references when you propose a new member.  This was a criteria that our club had set not RI.  This will help us process new members into our club more efficiently.  You can access the membership proposal form online, under the Club Information site page.





January 10th

Raffle $10 Kwik Trip Gift Card

Marble Raffle  $60

Please note: Raffle, Fines, Birthday, Anniversaries and Scooters are all donations that will go to the club  If you are making a donation and would like it to go to the Rotary Works Foundation or Rotary International Foundation, we ask that you write a check to the Foundation of your choice.


Jan 3rd: Raffle $90; Fines $103; Scooters $6; Scrip $130
Program Chair for July 2018 - June 2019
February - Bonnie Steidl
If you would like to volunteer for Rotarians in the News,  be a greeter,  a hospitality greeter, raffle ticket seller,  scrip seller or announce guests, you can email the Monthly Duty Roster Coordinator that are listed above....just click on their name.  If you would like to give your classification talk please contact Program Committee Chair Andy Bakkum.


Rotary Club of La Crosse
P.O. Box 1914, La Crosse, WI  54602-1914
608-526-4491 (Phone and Fax)

Lyn Sheffer, Administrator

Nick Passee, Secretary

Earlamae Dahlby
Attendance and Make-up Coordinator


The La Crosse Brain Game
P.O. Box 384, La Crosse, WI  54602-0384
Jeanne Meyer, Administrator


Rotary Works Foundation
P.O. Box 1571, La Crosse, WI  54602-1571

Scott Herdeman, Administrator


Interested in being a sponsor?
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Jan 10, 2019
Andy Parrish & Mary Kessons
Jan 17, 2019
Riverside Park Bandshell
Jan 24, 2019
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Jan 31, 2019
The Western Experience 2025
Feb 07, 2019
The Hope Academy
Feb 14, 2019
Feb 21, 2019
Palliative Care
Feb 28, 2019
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