Create Hope in the World:

Matagalpa Rain Harvesting Project 2023-24

A Coulee Region Rotary Collaboration

Rotary clubs of RAH – East – Downtown – Holmen – Valley View – La Crescent + Rotary club of Matagalpa, Nicaragua

As Rotarians we recognize access to clean water as critical to improving lives and we seek opportunities to support local, sustainable solutions. We are excited to share that La Crosse area Rotarians are joining with the Rotary Club of Matagalpa and the non-profit Rayo de Sol on a global grant project to provide 100 Rain Harvesting systems to families living in rural Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We invite you to learn more about the problem, the solution, and how you can help.

If you have questions about this project, please contact one of the following leaders:

Sierra Lyon (RAH), Jonathan McKenzie (East), or Sheila Riley (Downtown)