On any given Thursday, numerous meeting volunteers arrive by 11:30 so that our weekly Rotary meetings run smoothly and take place in a welcoming environment. To make this happen, our monthly Duty Roster Coordinators (DRCs) are responsible for ensuring that each and every volunteer position is filled.  

Take a look at the opportunities below and determine your best fit. As you sign up, a reminder is immediately sent to your email address.  You will also receive a reminder two day in advance of the date you sign up for. 

Did you know:

  • ANY member can volunteer for ANY position.
  • Any member can volunteer as many times as they are willing to do so.
  • New members:  This is a great way to work towards your blue badge!

If are uncomfortable using the sign up program or have questions about the position responsibilities, please reach out to the Club Administrator.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to serve.  

Duty Roster Coordinator (DRC)

This commitment is for a month and includes filling all of the volunteer positions for that month.
The DRC is given a link to the online sign up to follow as members choose position and to update as they, themselves, solicit for volunteers.
The sign up MUST be filled before Monday morning of each week before publication of the club newsletter. You will be notified by the Club Administrator of any cancelations.
Arrive by 11:30am.
Connect with all of the meeting volunteers to see if they have questions about their responsibilities.
If any positions are open, the DRC would fill in or find someone to do so.
Note:  The Program Chair coordinates the Duty Roster Coordinators a few months in advance. Please reach out to him/her if you are interested.

Guest Registration and Introduction

Arrive by 11:30am.
Log guest names, the Rotarian who invited them, and how the guest meal will be paid for (billed/paid).
Assist the guest with a name tag.
During the  meeting, you will announce the Rotarians who brought a guest and allow them a few minutes to introduce their own guest(s) to the club.

Raffle Ticket Sales

Arrive by 11:30am.
Members purchase raffle tickets to help raise funds for club expenses. Sales are cash/check/Venmo.
Weekly prizes include a $10 Kwik Trip card and a chance to play Dean's Marbles to win the pot.
As the meeting begins, bring the sold tickets and cash to the Club Administrator's table.

Scrip Sales

Arrive by 11:30am.
We have a supply of Kwik Trip cards available for sale each week.  We are also able to take orders.
Sell members cards at cost, with a portion of the card sales going back to our club.
As the meeting begins, bring the unsold cards, cash for sold card, and the clip board to the Club Administrator.


Arrive by 11:30am.
Each meeting staffs two greeters, one positioned in the lobby and one inside the Cargill Room.
Greet members and guests, answer questions as needed, and direct them to where they need to go.
Feel free to save yourself a seat and you may be seated when the meeting begins.

Introduction of Speaker

1 Day Prior to the Meeting: Print off the speaker’s introduction from the newsletter (or be prepared to read it from your device).
11:30 on the Meeting Day: Find, welcome & introduce yourself to the speaker (and guests if applicable) and invite them to join you at the center table that is nearest to the podium.  Ask the speaker if they have an alternate introduction they’d like you to read instead of the information provided to the Program Chair ahead of the meeting. 
During the Meeting: Provide a brief introduction of the speaker, either reading from your phone or the copy you printed.

Rotarians In The News

Arrive by the start of the meeting.
Be prepared to share ways your fellow Rotarians are making a positive impact in the community. 
This position takes research in news, newspapers, magazines, social media, etc. prior to the meeting.
If you have pictures to share, please have them to the  Club Administrator by Wednesday evening for the Thursday morning program unless you reach out prior to the meeting to make other arrangements.
This is a fun way to raise funds for the club.
CLICK HERE for more specific guidelines on how to get started preparing.

Tech Team Meeting Technology Assistance

Arrive by 11:30 to set up computer equipment based on the check list.
Test sound, screens, and connections prior to the meeting start.
Add last minute slides as needed.
Be prepared to step in and assist Niki during the meeting as needed with power point, sound, and video.
A team of members have volunteered be part of this team already. If you are interested in being part of this team, please see Niki Pohnl for specifics.

Money Counter

It takes two!
Stay after the meeting about 20 minute to count raffle money, gift card sales, fines, and funds from other potential collections. Be the second set of eyes in preparing the weekly deposit with Niki.
No experience necessary!