If you will be working directly with YOUTH on behalf of our club you will need to have completed a background check, please do so by completing the following steps:
1. Go to and complete the volunteer application.  The link to the application is on the home page of the website - link to online form.

2. Contact Judy Steinhauer and give her your social security number & DOB.    This information is needed to complete the background check and is not included in the application for security purposes.  Judy will be the only person outside the company to see this information.  She may be contacted at:
500 Viking Road
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
C: 608-807-7363
H: 608-437-4424
3. When you contact your references, please let then know that they will be receiving an email request to complete a reference online.  This request will come from Central States Rotary and will arrive within a day or two of you completing your application.  Some individuals will provide you with their work email address as their contact information and some worksites will block the email from Central States or it will go into a junk mail file.  Also email addresses ending in .net can be problematic.  I will receive a notice if 2 email requests for references have been sent and there has been not response.  At that time, I will send a personal email to the individual to determine what might be causing the delay.

4. On a monthly basis your Rotary Club will be billed for the background checks completed by club members.

5. Once approved, you will be notified.  Also, as your annual due date approaches, you will be sent a notice that it is time for you to renew, if you are interested in continuing to work with Rotary Youth.

Should you have any questions about this new process, please feel free to contact me.   I may be reached at or at 608-576-7508.